2023 – The best year yet for Longship Invest

January 11, 2024

What a year to reflect back on. As you might know, 2023 was first and foremost a year of big company changes and real wind in the sails.

In the beginning of the year, a partner rotation took place, and halfway through our brand took sails as the new ‘Longship Invest’. 2023 was also the year we expanded the business to global markets, cemented in the participation at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 in November.

So why was it the best year so far for Longship Invest? Simply because the performance for all of our investors was no less than +66% on the year, moving the 3-year needle(from January 2021, when our newest algorithm went live) up to a total of 91% return! Where as the same investment would have yielded significantly less with +26% in the S&P 500, and +24% in Bitcoin.

2023 was truly an exciting year when looking back! As a company, we changed our brand and visual identity, we took our crypto investment services abroad(globally), welcomed new investors on board, gained amazing new connections in Singapore and turned up our marketing efforts.

Behind the scenes we tested a lot of possibilities for the next generation of algorithms, improved our cybersecurity and refined our collaborative processes for enhanced efficiency.

Finally, we are obviously pleased with the performance for our investors – though our always sceptical minds think it could have been better.

We are already testing new markets in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, and will especially prioritize our investors’ dashboards and international partnerships in Q1 and Q2.

We are entering 2024 with a comfortable gut feeling of where we are going as an organization. We want to express a sincere appreciation of the people who boarded the ship, went ashore, and crossed our path so far – and can’t wait to see who and what will be part of the near future.
Joakim Sandroos, CEO

2023 - The best year yet for Longship Invest

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