Choose how you want to invest

You will have access to a personal dashboard where you can always track your invested funds and their current market value.

AI-powered Trading Portfolio

Invest through automatic buying and selling in a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

They are carefully selected by Longship Invest through statistical analysis and traded using our internally developed algorithms.

The investment is diversified across multiple cryptocurrencies to increase security.

We recommend this product if you are interested in an investment which can provide higher returns than the market’s performance.

Traditional Holding

Long-term investments in cryptocurrency. The value of your investment is directly tied to the market one-to-one. Changes in the market will therefore directly affect the value of your investment.

We help you select cryptocurrencies based on your preferences and risk profile to build your personal portfolio.

We recommend this product if you are looking for a stable and long-term investment, and want full transparency regarding the composition of your portfolio.


Startup: 0%
Exchange Fee: 2.25%
Running Monthly Fee: 0.1%
Commission: 8% of returns
Termination Exchange Fee: 2.25%

Startup is free, almost.

At Longship Invest, we make it easy to get started – that’s why registration with us is free and always will be.

Exchanging from fiat currency to crypto costs 2.25% of the invested amount. This fee covers the costs Longship Invest incurs in converting the customer’s fiat currency deposit into a cryptocurrency holding through Coinify.

Running Costs

Monthly costs constitute 0.1% of the holding, paid on the last day of the month. This is equivalent to Annual Costs in Percentage (ACP) of 1.2%.


No profit, no commission.

Longship Invest charges 8% commission, solely on the profits – not the original investment. The final amount is paid directly to the customer’s bank account, minus an exchange fee of 2.25%.

We are all in the same boat

We value happy customers, especially because we are customers ourselves.