Longship Invest

Procedures and Business Operations

Learn more about our procedures and business processes, risk assessment, cash prohibition, and customer due diligence procedures.

Procedures and Business Operations

Longship Invest is committed to having written procedures for all essential aspects of investment, invested funds, order execution, customer relationships, risk assessments, storage of customer information, notification obligations, and similar aspects.

Longship Invest operates a professional business with the declared purpose of serving as a trustworthy and secure investment partner for its customers. In this regard, Longship Invest seeks to implement the relevant legislation governing Danish companies subject to existing financial regulations in all its financial transactions.

Therefore, Longship Invest has decided to introduce the following procedures to prevent its involvement in activities of illegal nature.

Risk Assessment

Longship Invest operates in a market where there have been repeated instances of money laundering and terrorist financing. It is an essential principle for Longship Invest to ensure that invested funds under its control are not involved in such activities. Hence, Longship Invest has chosen to implement a total cash prohibition, a comprehensive customer due diligence procedure that is carried out regardless of the investment amount, and a commitment to report any suspicious behavior among its customers to the Money Laundering Secretariat at the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK).

The risk of being exploited in connection with money laundering and terrorist financing is further reduced as the invested capital is exclusively managed by Longship Invest itself. According to the company’s business model, it does not allow its customers to make transactions with the invested funds while they are in Longship Invest’s custody.

Longship Invest will conduct an overarching risk assessment at least once a year, and a new risk assessment will be carried out within this area if Longship Invest later develops new products offered to customers.

Longship Invest does not assume responsibility for the customer’s potential failure to report returns to their local  tax authorities, and it does not provide any advice on this matter. However, Longship Invest closely monitors developments in this area and commits to complying with any reporting requirements to relevant authorities if such rules are enacted at a later date.

Cash Prohibition

Longship Invest does not accept direct cash payments.

Customer Due Diligence Procedure

Longship Invest conducts a comprehensive customer due diligence procedure for each individual customer.

The customer due diligence procedure is carried out for all transactions regardless of the investment amount, and the investment is not made until the entire procedure has been completed succesfully.

If information provided changes at a later stage, the customer is obliged to notify Longship Invest. Longship Invest will also conduct ongoing checks of the submitted information. Furthermore, Longship Invest, in its contractual relationship with the customer, reserves the right to terminate the investment at the customer’s expense and risk if the contractual relationship and information obligation are breached. This also applies if Longship Invest suspects money laundering and/or terrorist financing.

Longship Invest will not make investments for individuals listed in the list published by the Minister for Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs of persons covered by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act § 2, no. 8, without heightened scrutiny.