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Learn more about investing automatically in cryptocurrency with Longship Invest.

The aim of any trading algorithm is to make a profit – and ours is no exception. Many strategies have been tried in the past and competition in the algo-trading market i fierce. Without revealing too much, our main strategy is to buy low and sell high.

An analogy is that our strategy is like riding a wave: We buy in when the market is low, follow the market up (ride the wave up) and as the market relaxes we move to value stable assets. In this way, over several cycles, we can outperform the market.

Our AI systems are developed fully in-house by our CEO who is a PhD in particle physics. This means we know exactly how our models work. They are built from 3.5 years of historical data and verified on similar datasets from 41 different exchanges.

Our AI traders systematically outperform bitcoin and the idea of this being a fluke or a random chance is disproved at 99,88% confidence. Furthermore, we perform three month paper-trading tests of all our system before they are put to trade with real money. This is a method where the AI system trades virtual tokens with real market data and is used to verify the AI system.

As a final test, we let the AI system trade with our own funds for three months before offering it to our clients.

To make our products as safe as possible, we offer 24/7 surveillance of your investment, and when the market drops, our algorithms automatically move your investment to stablecoins, which are in essence Euro or US dollar, thereby avoiding any further immediate risk.

You transfer the investment amount by bank transfer to our trusted partner Coinify, who exchanges your fiat currency for cryptocurrency and transfers it to our account. Your money is then stored in a safe subaccount on Binance, and invested in a mix of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Yes! We do not have a binding period, or a limit on minimum or maximum investment duration. We recommend three or more years for best investment results. Upon liquidating funds from your portfolio, trading stops right away, but you should allow up to 10 days of processing time for bank transfers in fiat currency.

There is no magic, so in principle, yes, however great trading strategies are exceedingly difficult to build. Our algorithms are developed inhouse by our own physicists and data scientists.

Manual trading requires diligence, patience, and a calm focus, not to mention a rocksolid trading strategy. We do not recommend staring at market data graphs all day and manually trading as the vast majority of people cannot generate stable profits, nor beat the market.

Startup: Registration is free and exchanging from fiat currency to cryptocurrency costs 2.25% (Coinify fee). If you sign up using cryptocurrency directly, registration is completely free. 

Running: Monthly costs constitute 0.1% of the holding (Annual Costs in Percentage (ACP) of 1.2%) 

Termination: No profit, no commission is our motto. Longship Invest charges an 8% performance commission, solely on the profits – not the original investment. The final amount is transferred either as cryptocurrency to a verified wallet of your choice, or paid directly to the customer’s bank account (in which case there is an exchange fee of 2.25%).

Read more about costs here 

In essence, we buy low and sell high. When the market is low, we buy in and “ride the wave” to near the top of the market, at which point we sell. Since we are not in the market when prices are falling, we can utilize the same mechanism several times over time and gain an edge over the market.

This also leads to the
paradoxial calculation that we might not beat the market in a single individual year but will do it over prolonged periods.

We recommend a minimum investment period of about three years.  

We currently only trade in Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH), exclusively on the Binance exchange. We have infrastructure in place to also trade on Kraken and as necessary.

You can sign up here.

We partner with Coinify for KYC (Know Your Customer).
The information and documents needed differ between private and corporate investors, and we are here to guide you through the process.

If you have any questions, please reach out at or (+45) 71 34 53 93

Our terms are as simple as possible. We have no hidden fees, all costs are mentioned here, and all investors go through the required KYC process via Coinify when signing up. 

Read Terms & Conditions here

If you have any questions or special wishes, we will be happy to help. Contact us at or (+45) 71 34 53 93

The crypto space is infamous for scams. The best way to avoid them is to be careful and dilligently check any investment opportunity for telltale signs. Things to look for in a company are:   

  • Valid CVR/Company/ VAT IDs: These should be publicly verifiable by a lookup with the resident country’s business registry.

  • Visible company address with a real office – not just a postbox

  • Publicly known employees/owners

  • Product white papers describing what the company or coin does. Beware that certain scams have “hidden” various clauses in the whitepaper in the hope no one would notice.

  • Communication about product that is too good to be true – e.g. claims to never have a loosing trade or guarantees a certain (typically very high) return rate

  • Companies trying to get you to focus on reselling their product: This indicates the main value proposition comes from subscription fees in a multilevel marketing strategy – in that case this might be a classic pyramid scheme. 

The minimum investment amount is only USD 1,000.00We understand the amount of trust needed as a first-time investor with Longship Invest, so you are free to try our services at a lower investment, to learn how it works.

There is no maximum investment loft.

When your investment has gone live, you get access to your own personal dashboard (Log in here), where you can follow the development of your holdings.

Typically, people have two reasons to liquidate their investment portfolios: Either they estimate that now is a good point to sell in order to turn a profit or they need the funds liquidated for something else.

The first point our AI system will handle on your behalf, and it is far better than any human. Our recommendation is simply to let the AI do the trading.

When it comes to the second point, we advise you to consider your options in the light of opportunity cost vs. liquidity need. 

We recommend an investment scale/length of +3 years for best results, and remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

The short answer is that your funds are fully secured in the event of bankruptcy!

Longship Invest ApS is a Danish company subject to Danish law and the forthcoming EU regulation MiCA. Longship Invest’s algorithms trade exclusively via Binance, which must also comply with the forthcoming EU regulation MiCA to operate within the EU.

If you choose to become our customer, there are two entities that could technically go bankrupt: Longship Invest and Binance.

Since both Longship Invest and Binance must comply with the EU regulation under MiCA, the answer is the same for both scenarios:

  • Your funds are completely secured against bankruptcy. Both Longship Invest and Binance are required to segregate their customers’ funds, and since the funds are segregated and therefore 100% identifiable as belonging to you, they can never be included in any potential bankruptcy estate.
Longship invest grew out of a Danish crypto mining company, CryptoBits. After a few rotations in the group of partners Longship Invest was launched as a fully-fledged AI driven investment company.

The ideas and inspiration came from the field of econophysics in which physical principles and methods are applied to economic data. Joakim Sandroos, PhD in particle physics is the CEO and personally responsible for the AI trading strategies implemented in Longship Invest.

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