Cryptocurrency, what is it?

Cryptocurrency is digital currency that represents the future of payment solutions. In addition to providing full transparency for all transactions, these new digital currencies offer transfer speeds of as little as 3 seconds, making them highly attractive for global transfers.

Exchange, what is it?

An exchange is an online platform where cryptocurrency can be bought and sold. Typically, as a private individual, you create an account where a process called KYC (know your customer) is carried out.

Wallet, what is it?

A wallet is a digital purse used for receiving, storing, and sending cryptocurrency. There are many different types of wallets, and as such, you can have your wallet on a website, as a program on your computer, as an app on your phone, in paper form, or on hardware devices.

Blockchain, what is it?

The concept of blockchain can best be described as a new type of database—a method for storing data on computers and networks. This new form of storage functions as a growing series, where new data is linked to already existing data.