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Automatic investments in cryptocurrencies

We are sailing safely through new waters

Our mission is to guide you into the crypto-sea, with less volatility and a greater chance of a successful investment.

We carry the trade forward from our Nordic roots, we are also customers ourselves, and our state-of-the-art algorithms will manage your funds as securely as possible.

The ship is sailing – Would you like to come on board?

Joakim Sandroos


Joakim comes from a background in particle physics, holding a Master’s degree from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and a PhD from the University of Mainz in Germany.

His work in the field of physics has focused on neutrinos, and he has been involved in several major international collaborations, including the KamLAND and IceCube laboratories.

Joakim developed an interest in cryptocurrency in 2014 and began writing trading algorithms in 2018. Leveraging his background, he specializes in statistics and machine learning, including methods for detecting various types of financial fraud.

Additionally, he is a member of the Financial Supervisory Authority’s expert group on decentralized finance. In his free time, he enjoys board games and is learning to fly a hang glider.

Anders Moll

Advisor & Sales

Anders has been a part of Longship Invest (formerly Cyroinvest) since the beginning and is responsible for both existing and new customers.

Anders is a trained carpenter and has, among other things, run his own carpentry business for 17 years with 18 employees. He has carried out both specialized and total contracts on larger construction projects.

In addition, Anders is a trained Porter at Gentofte Hospital, married to Selina, and has 2 children.

Mikkel Jensen


Mikkel holds a degree in physics with a specialization in particle physics from the University of Copenhagen. He works as an independent IT consultant, primarily focusing on data science and machine learning.

Mikkel joined Longship Invest in the spring of 2020 and has since been responsible for developing trading algorithms, setting up production processes, and managing their operation. He has also been involved in database integrations and structuring.

With previous experience in both the pension and fintech industries and a passion for entrepreneurship, Mikkel’s contributions are reflected in the development at Longship Invest.

In his free time, he typically spends time with his partner and enjoys playing the drums, occasionally performing in concerts.

Christian Lisby

Marketing & Communications

Christian studied Business Administration Marketing at Benedict College in South Carolina, USA, where he also played American football, before moving back home to Copenhagen where he grew up.

He began his career in the FinTech industry, and has run his own consulting firm specializing in digital marketing and working with some of the biggest Danish brands.

In his spare time, he typically enjoys learning to play golf, spending time with his wife Emma, and co-running a business network.