Partner with Longship Invest

For Longship Invest, it is essential to make investing in cryptocurrency as straightforward as possible. That’s why we have partnered with a Danish company. This company handles the conversion process because this process often involves long waiting times and unknown fees. One of Longship Invest’s key principles is to protect our customers’ investments as much as possible. Coinify is a physical Danish company with numerous employees that has been involved in cryptocurrency for several years. Coinify serves customers worldwide and is the number one cryptocurrency provider in Europe.

Our collaboration makes it easy for you as a customer. Once you provide us with your data, it is subsequently sent in encrypted form to Coinify so that you only need to provide your information once. Longship Invest and Coinify then proceed with the approval process, where you will be approved by both parties.

Coinify and Longship Invest are committed to complying with all applicable regulations in the field, including any rules that emerge as the cryptocurrency market evolves.

Learn more about how Coinify processes your personal data in their data protection policy →

Longship Invest’s CEO, Joakim Sandroos, is one of 15 members of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s working group on Blockchain and Decentralized Finance.

The purpose of the working group is to support the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s ongoing work and future supervisory functions towards financial service providers whose activities are based on the use of crypto assets and blockchain. The work is also intended to support the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority in developing guidelines and more in this area.

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Partner with Longship Invest

Longship Invest collaborates with Copenhagen Fintech, which is Denmark’s largest hub for the development of FinTech companies. They have access to a vast network and partners and host numerous events.

Partner with Longship Invest

Longship Invest is a member of the Grow Copenhagen business network, where we both collaborate with other companies and support local sports.