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To establish your company as a client, we require a range of information about the company you represent, as well as information about you, the company's contact person.

The entered data and documents will be used to generate the investment agreement that the company enters into with Longship Invest ApS, and all responses will appear as Appendix 1 to the Investment Agreement.

The Investment Agreement must be signed.

Longship Invest ApS aims to meet the requirements set forth by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and applicable regulations for typical financial enterprises.

We collaborate with Coinify ApS for the exchange of cryptocurrency and anti-money laundering procedures. We transfer some of the entered information to Coinify ApS. This process is encrypted.

You will need to upload the following documents during this registration process:

  • Company registration certificate
  • Proof of legal ownership
  • A valid passport or other valid ID photo
  • Proof of residence with the address for all shareholders or members with ownership exceeding 10% of the company
  • Bank statement for the company
  • The most recent annual financial statement

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at +45 71 34 53 93 or