Joakim Sandroos gives presentation on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, a thorough explanation of “what crypto really is” was provided at the Grow Copenhagen networking event held at Villa Kultur in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

The discussion covered trust-based economics, a comparison of traditional currencies like DKK, USD, and EUR, a conceptual understanding of crypto, and the group even created their own currency to make explanations about ledgers, IDs, signatures, and protocols more digestible.

Joakim also delved into how blockchain works (and why it’s called blockchain), cryptographic validation, value determination, and, last but not least, some of the most well-known scams (and how regular/private investors can best avoid them).

For anyone interested, the presentation can be viewed here: Introduction to Cryptocurrency by Joakim Sandroos

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